R E at a glance



R E Group of Companies:


The following companies were formed after success of the Mother Company in Iran. As you can see they cover a broad range of activities. These are:

                                                   1)        Researching Engineers (R E) Group Company, Iran (Mother Company)

                                                   2)        Rolling Mill and Steel Production Co., Iran

                                                   3)        International Centre for Technical Research, UK

                                                   4)        R E International (UK) Ltd., UK

                                                   5)        Al-Abhath Al-Hendesiyeh Co., Lebanon

                                                   6)        International Technological University, UK & Paris

                                                   7)        International Colleges of Islamic Sciences, UK


Range of Activities:


Research: Design and Consultancy in Industrial and Civil Engineering, Agricultural fields, Architecture (specially Islamic ones), and Urban Planning. Construction: Housing,  Cultural Centres, Office Buildings, Religious and Educational Buildings and Commercial Centres.

Civil Works: Ports and Jetties, Rail & Roads, Silos (Steel and Concrete), Bridges, pipelines and Water Supply Projects.

Industrial Works: Cement Plants, Sugar Factories, Power Stations, Petrochemical Plants, Large-scale industrial Projects

Agricultural Works: Irrigation Networks, Dams and Barrages, Land Reclamation Projects, Cultivation of tropical Forests.

Metal Works: Heavy Steel Structures, Largest Steel Tanks, Steel Bridges, Heavy Machinery Manufacturing




Iran:                            R E Building, 10 Kalantari Street (East), Tehran 15

Lebanon:                    42 Assaf Centre, Verdun Street, Beirut

United Kingdom:       150DA, Coles Green Road, London NW2 7JL, UK



Geographical Experience:


We have carried projects in the following countries:

India (Maharashtra), Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UK (England), United States (Texas & New York)




                                                      Registered Consultants in the European Unionís Registry (UNK-22897)

                                                      Member of National Association of Home Builders of the United States

                                                      Member of Texas Association of Builders, USA

                                                      Commendative Medal of Honor (Gold) for outstanding achievements is given to our Chairman, Dr SMA Shahrestani by the American Biographical Institute




Rotary Combustion Engine design, patented in England in 1961

New design for Modular Roof Structure, patented in England in 1988

New design for Beams called Z-Beam.

New design for Foundations in Slump Areas

New design for Jetty Construction